Why do people watch Porn at Work?

Looking at pornography while at work is not something most people are supposed to do. Chances are that if your boss finds out you are doing so, it may cost you your job. Perhaps if your colleagues, friends and family member get wind of if, that too can be a problem or embarrassing. Nonetheless, statistics show that 37% of women and 64% of men watched pornography while at work. Other studies have different data with much lower numbers. Yet most of them appear to show a great of deal men are doing it. Many of the men look at porno using their smartphones. In all, 16.1 percent of males did so while another 5.4 percent used a company computer to do so.

No matter which studies you believe or what percentage actually do it, the larger question remains. The real issue is why people watch porn while at work in the first place? The answer will vary of course, depending on the individuals themselves. One thing that has helped make this an issue is how much free porno is found online today. Adult sites such as Pornhub offer anyone who enters their site infinite amount of smut. However, when it all comes down to it, the primary reasons are the same. For the most part, people who engage in viewing porn while at work do so for sexual gratification and stimulation. There are also those who do it out of boredom or curiosity. In the end, finding some form of sexual pleasure or satisfaction is what matters to most.

There are many websites which take into consideration the place where a person is viewing the adult content from. You also have co-workers and people in general who do so. This is where the NSFW shorthand tag or slang comes from. This tag means ‘Not safe for work.’ It’s often found in blogs, emails and other forms of discussion methods. Folks use it to let the other person know that if they are at work, they should really consider whether or not they want to click on the link or open the content.

In all likelihood, if you click, open an article or something with a NSFW tag, you’re taking a chance. The content may be sexually explicit and inappropriate for viewing while at work. Many believe that if something cannot be opened or viewed while they are working, it’s also probable that the content should not be looked at with others around. After all, pornographic content is the type of material that is generally viewed by people privately or alone.

Still, some individuals don’t really care about that at all. They visit adult sites directly without hesitation. For instance, Brazzers — which is one of top pay porn sites in the world — receives millions of visits daily. Some of the visits are from men and women who are supposed to be working. Coincidentally, every day people are caught looking at pornographic material while they are in a work environment. Some have lost their jobs because of it. These are important things to consider the next time someone sends you a link with a NSFW tag. Or when you may feel the urge to satisfy your sexual satisfaction while at work.